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Bega Special Tools
Henk van Essen, Managing Director
Mounting and Dismounting Industry

Bega is manufacturer and distributor of Special Tools for safe, cost effective mounting and dismounting of bearings and transmission parts. The tools are used in production and maintenance departments in MRO and OEM companies.  Bega serves all types of industries. With special solutions in for instance Wind, Rail, Mining and Steel industry.
Bega tools are sold worldwide, climate and operation conditions are variable, sometimes extreme.  This is why Bega relies on HedoN's high development standards, combined with stringent quality control in production, assembly and supply chain.
HedoN has acted as Bega's Technology Partner since 2001. Specifically, HedoN designed a series of electrical units for Bega's range of Industrial Induction Heaters (for bearings and other transmission parts). Currently HedoN is commissioned to design a new electrical unit for multiple use. The aim is to reduce the total range of units in order to optimize total product costs, including working capital. HedoN is responsible for development, production and technical service of all electric units for Bega Special Tools.
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