About HedoN

HedoN, is a high-tech electronic development and production company in Delft, The Netherlands. HedoN started 35 years ago as a spin-off from Delft University of Technology. Due to its unique location at Delftech Park, HedoN still remains near the center of the latest technological developments and human talent.

Over the years HedoN has built up a loyal customer base worldwide, including both small to medium size enterprises, as well as blue-chip companies. Our customer retention rate is over 95%.

We develop long-term customer relationships, by solving their challenges in the area of embedded electronics. As part of our partnership approach, we often co-invest in the product development costs combined with a production contract. As a result, we can offer a total solution to our customers from initial idea to final product, including the product lifecycle management. The latter is particularly important given the current speed of changing technologies and electronic components.

Our spectrum of knowledge includes (embedded) software, analog and digital hardware, and mechatronics. We have specific expertise in the area of measurement, control, power electronics, induction heating, human interfaces, and connectivity. We add value to the products of our customers by combining electronics with our knowledge of mechanics, physics and hydraulics.

Product and system documentation, international standards, testing, quality control, training and service are part of the ground rules of our business. The application of our state of the art knowledge has further led to unique patents, and award winning innovations.


Company takeover since February 1st 2016

As of February 1st 2016 dr. Robert-Jan Vreeburg is the new owner of HedoN Electronic Developments in Delft. He has taken over 100% of the company shares from the three founders, who started the company in 1979 as a spin-off of the TU Delft. “With the take-over by Robert-Jan, our most important wish to ensure continuity for our clients, suppliers and our staff is secured” as stated by co-founder Herard Buis.

HedoN provides as a Technology Partner a complete service package to their long-term relations in the business-to-business market. The service package includes development, production and technical service of hard- and software electronics. HedoN offers world-wide specialism in induction-heating, and measurement and control systems, with applications in the offshore-industry, medical infrastructure and test systems for the storage of green energy. With dr. Vreeburg, the company has further professionalised. “HedoN was already known for developing smart technological products, and with our even stronger fundament we will be able to grow further, with new innovative projects” as stated by Robert-Jan Vreeburg.

Over the past three years dr. Vreeburg has already acted as the CEO of HedoN. Before HedoN, he worked in executive positions in Shell and De Banketgroep. Since his start at HedoN, he has focussed to develop new product-market combinations in induction-heating, the utilisation of safety-protocols for ‘The Internet of Things’, and in new markets such as green energy. Furthermore the customer base has also increased. As a consequence, the company turnover has grown significantly, and its market position strengthened. Vreeburg expects this development to continue in the coming years.

With this take-over, a professional dream has become reality. “I have always wanted to lead my own company, and I have been searching for the right one for a long time” as stated by Robert-Jan Vreeburg. “HedoN is the perfect match for me, and that makes me an extraordinarily happy man”.



  • Analogue & digital electronic design
  • Power electronics
  • Measurement & control
  • Embedded software
  • Human interfaces & configuration tools
  • Communication- & networktechnology
  • Housing design
  • Complex control systems
  • Sensor development
  • Design for challenging environments
  • Consultancy



    • System design
    • Product development
    • Electronic hardware & embedded software


    • Procurement & production
    • Seemless upscaling from pilot phase to large volumes
    • Quality control & calibration


  • Co-investment
  • Product life cycle management
  • Long term relationships