Analog en Digital Electronics

Electronics can be divided in two categories: analog and digital electronics. Analog and digital are indications of the signal types and associated technologies. An analog signal can vary both in time and amplitude on a continuous scale. A digital signal on the other hand does not vary continuously in time and can only take on one of a limited number of values during a time interval.

Digital technology has undergone an enormous development in the past decades. Already since the 80s, it has become more of a trend to enable integrated switches for specific purposes, ICs or chips. Additionally, more often software is used to realize functionality. This simplifies the design of electronic products and expands the reachable functionality enormously. However the selection and application of ICs also requires thorough knowledge of electronics and in addition ICs are not yet available for all purposes. Often a specific solution thus has to be developed. So even in the face of ICs and software, electronics remains an extremely challenging trade and analog electronics retains an important place besides all digital electronics.

The design of electronics involves a lot more in addition to realizing the desired functionality. Many systems for example use interfaces to a not electronics friendly environment, and require the designed electronics to be immune to disruptive external influences. Sometimes the designed electronics themselves have the potential to disrupt the environment, and measures have to be taken to prevent this. Of course these considerations are also valid for different components of the electronics itself. Matters such as anticipation and prevention of interference and grounding problems and the accurate design of signal bands for high frequencies and ensuring the design meets the applicable guidelines are crucial for such a design.

In addition it is important to already incorporate the commercial aspect of the design during the design phase and for example analyze what the product will do in production. Potential risks in the form of for example the rise in prices of components and the subsequent rise in product price can be detected early on and tackled.


The design of analog and digital electronics is a core competence of HedoN. Part of our development team are electronics-designers responsible for system and hardware design, with experience ranging from one year to more than 40 years. This wealth of experience enables us to tackle every electronics-issue. Additionally we are highly capable of training new employees, the knowledge of a recent graduate of the TU or HTS can be extended greatly within HedoN, and we are happy to do this.


All products of HedoN include analog and/or digital electronics. See also our productpage.

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