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HedoN is a company that in cooperation with its customers develops sustainable, hightech products. Largely produced by HedoN itself. At HedoN we have an active team of ambitious developers with an expertise in software, hardware and mechatronics. Furthermore, HedoN has years of experience in the production of electronics.

HedoN is a medium sized, informal organization with room for your own contribution. We greatly value the integrity regarding the cooperation with our customers, suppliers and each other. We believe that creating sustainable partnerships with our customers is the key to shared success.

Interested in stories and videos from our employees, including students and interns? Click here: our team.


We are constantly searching for new enthousiastic employees to realize our ambition to grow. Are you interested in working here? Send us an open application!

In addition, we have the following vacancy:

Software Engineer Vacancy

And we look for students throughout the year for graduation assignments, internships, or for additional jobs in the field of:

Student jobs

We have an established group of students who alongside their, often technical, study work part time and in flexible employment at HedoN. Dependent on their own ambition and availability this can range from production and/or development projects, to marketing and communication. Are you interested? Contact us!

Internship or graduation

An internship at HedoN is for many their introduction to a real company and their first step in their career, for example in developing electronics. We are also a certified training company. We are always looking for university, university of applied sciences and vocational education interns or a dual education in the field of:

  • Electronics
  • Computer Engineering / Software
  • Mechatronics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • (Technical) Business Administration
  • Marketing and Communication

Please contact us for more information!


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