Conceptualisation and Primary Trajectory

In order to develop products for our customers that exactly meet their requirements we are closely involved from the start of the development process, often even before a tender is submitted. We identify with the customers needs and try to contribute ideas from the start. Being involved early on in the process enables us to create added value. And ensures we are optimally prepared for the development process.


We are aware of the potential need for confidentiality regarding your ideas, concepts and future products. We set great store by integrity in our client relations, this includes confidentiality. If this is relevant to you we will treat this with great respect. We will draw up a written agreement on the handling of confidentiality, if desired we can advise you on this matter from our knowledge and experience.

Proof of Concept

If the product idea is very innovative we will usually start by making a Proof of Concept in order to prove the feasibility of the (technical) assumptions and to identify the main project risks.


Following the concept phase or a Proof of Concept we will design and develop a first prototype. A prototype will be identical in appearance to the final (part)product. This prototype is used to test, jointly with the customer, all aspects of the new product. This includes tests for certification. If necessary the prototype can be adjusted.

Pilot series

In order to validate the complete production and quality chain for your new (part)product after approval of the prototype a pilot series will be configured and produced. Both our development and production departments will be involved. In order to optimize the production process for your product we will produce a representative number of copies, in accordance with your future demand pattern. Finally the new standard product will be handed over to the production department including all accompanying documentation and can from that moment be ordered in the agreed numbers, for the agreed price and quality.


Alongside the design and development process all relevant documentation will be produced and kept. This will ensure that we maintain the knowledge with regard to the product and that all developmental steps will be completed fully. Thus all information will be present at the end of the development project to ensure a seamless transition to the production department, the quality control department and the customer.