Peace of mind approach

You know your market intimately, which products can become bestsellers and how to launch these into the market successfully. Difficulty arises if you think about the electronics, software and mechanics that are a part of your product, matters like:

How do I outsource the development of these?

How do I purchase these competitively and ensure delivery in time?

How do I ensure quality and can I continue to guarantee the proper functioning of my products?

HedoN happily takes over these concerns, so your focus can be in the marketing and market launch of your new product. Electronics in peace of mind we label this.

We can develop the complete, or a part of your new product for you. We are eager to be included in the development at an early stage and are happy to contribute to the success of it using our years of experience. However our contribution to your success does not stop there. Additionally, if desired, HedoN can also take care of the production of your (product)part, certification, repairs and the technical support.

As your Technology Partner we relieve you in the areas of development, supply, quality control and support. Which we have been doing for over 40 years.

Our knowledge, information and experience are our tools to assist you, so you, in total peace of mind, always have the electronics for your products at your disposal. This we do fast, flexible and against clear costs. Within this, various forms of cooperation are possible.

As risk bearing partner (co-invest)

Convince us of the potential of your product idea, for example on the basis of your existing markets and sales channels, and we happily co-invest with you to create a successful product. Partnership, intensive cooperation, and “we are in this together” appeal to us.

Against a set price

You can also choose to only request our services as developer and producer against a set, pre-agreed price for the development and expected product price. This way, the costs are clear before the start of your development.

On cost-plus basis

We develop the (product)part and charge you based on subsequent calculation of the hours and “out-of-pocket-costs” that we spend.

Get in touch with us today for a open-ended conversation and experience how our approach can help you realize your product ideas!

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