Product Lifecycle Management

Once a product is in production, things may happen that are not foreseen during development. For example, component prices may rise, components may no longer be available, or the outage may increase when circuit boards are assembled. The commercial aspects of the product lifecycle management, such as advertising and introduction into the (new) markets, are generally with the client. HedoN ensures that the products can continue to be produced and meet all requirements.

HedoN has an excellent network of suppliers and takes care of keeping track of all relevant information regarding the components. For every product hedon produces, the technical product manager and the commercial product manager regularly look at opportunities for improvement on all fronts. For example, things like the availability and prices of components, the cost of the product and the expected numbers will be looked at in the coming time. On the basis of the findings, it can then be decided in consultation with the customer to take action. In this way, without worries, you can fully focus on the marketing and market introduction of your product.

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