Production in total peace of mind

After the development is finalized we can deliver you with the complete product(part) 100% functionally tested. The production preparation, logistics, purchase and production are completely taken care of. We already have more than 40 years of experience with product series in the order of magnitude of a few units to more than 30.000 units annually.

Our approach

On the basis of the desired product quantities, the cost price, delivery time and flexibility we optimize the production process and production methods and select the suppliers. The final product is assembled, tested and packaged together with the necessary wires, accessories and manuals. Of course we guarantee the after sales support, and you can always lay claim to the guarantee of the product(part)(s) produced for you.

Your order

Due to the uncertainty in the components market of recent years we work with a 12 month rolling forecast to guarantee delivery reliability. Within this you remain flexible in your order of the required quantities every time. This way we ensure that you have the correct amount available at the correct time. Our experience and flexibility help you to also capture the uncertainty of your order pattern during the market launch. This is our ultimate peace of mind approach.

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