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Huisman Equipment BV
Daan Willemsen, System Architect
Heavy Equipment Industry

The majority of our clients require tailor made solutions and we consider it a challenge to deliver a product that fits their unique needs. Our projects are typically complex and innovative, requiring solution-aimed thinking, technical excellence, creativity and passion.

Due to our strong believe in partnerships with our clients, finding new technical solutions, turnkey delivery of projects in time with fully operational equipment from day one and provision of worldwide service, we built a strong and solid reputation in the market.

HedoN is our Technology Partner since 1979 for hydraulic motor controls and load cells for offshore cranes and pipeline vessels and developed a unique customer system to provide competitive edge versus competition for Huisman. HedoN continuous improved the products, since the first release in 1979 in close cooperation with Huisman. The current development programme is mainly focussed at developing products suitable to work under high endurance  and explosive risk environments.

HedoN is responsible for the development, production, stock keeping, and technical service for a range of approx. 30 products for Huisman.
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