Service and Support

We are very aware that adequate support is essential in order to guarantee optimal functioning of your products. From the very start of the developmental process we give a lot of thought to future production, validation, logistics and support for your product. That way we ensure a good functionality and enthusiastic customers for you.

We will train your staff to perform the operation, installation, maintenance and servicing of the product. On top of that we will provide you with all required documentation to enable you to give your customers optimal primary technical support. Our support department is well equipped to answer any questions promptly as well as to give you necessary support, without call-waiting or call-back promises.

Because we take care of the product development process, we will stay committed to your product during its complete life-cycle and we will feel jointly responsible with you for its proper functioning. We will be proactive in providing you with timely modifications and updates for your product, to ensure continuous supply at a fair price.

Are you curious about the possibilities or are you interested in a collaboration? Don’t hesitate and get in touch!