Sustainability plays an important role in the well-being of our planet and society We are well aware of our responsibility in this respect. Therefore we are continuously examining how we can contribute in this area. At present this is accomplished by:

  • Building and sustaining mutually advantageous longterm relationships with customers, suppliers and staff
  • Advancing our society with technical knowledge e.g. by:
    • Contributing to the transition towards the use of renewable sources of energy
    • Cooperating with technical university of Delft and (higher) vocational programmes
    • Coaching of starting businesses through the “nlgroeit” programme
  • The high quality and robustness of our products
  • Complying with legislation and keeping up-to-date with required certification
  • Reducing our company’s CO2-footprint by
    • Excellent isolation of the building and using LED for illumination: Our building is awarded Energylabel A.
    • Recycling waste and packaging material
  • Collaboration with social work / training company Werkse! from Delft. Werkse! has been helping people with a distance to the employment market to find suitable jobs for over 90 years.

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Are you curious about the possibilities or are you interested in a collaboration? Don’t hesitate and get in touch!