The HedoN team

Our enthusiastic team incorporates many disciplines, including electrical engineering, software development, mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics, production and assemblage, project management, finance, administration and human resources.

On top of our permanent staff we often work with students of Delft Technical University and (higher) vocational programmes. They put their training into practice by working on a flexible part time basis for HedoN.

How do our employees like working for HedoN? Take a look at their testimonials or video below.

Testimonial of a part time student employee

Before I started working for HedoN I worked for a small grocery store. I worked there for years and enjoyed it, but the hours didn’t fit in with my studies anymore. Also there were many team changes. At HedoN I can plan my own working hours every week and I have a nice team of co-workers. Student workers as well as regular staff, everyone knows each other. Therefore I would recommend to students who are looking for a part time job to apply at HedoN.

Testimonial of a trainee

At Hedon I had 5 fantastic months before my graduation. When I applied for a graduation project we discussed which project fitted me best and what they needed at that moment. This has lead to an interesting and varied project, that was very informative. Moreover, I was in a company where everyone is very interested in your work and will always do their best to help you out. I really appreciated this, it helped me to get to know everyone quickly. It also helped me tremendously with my project, because it was a very broad subject with analogue as well as digital electronics and also some coding. there is a lot of knowledge in the company and people are keen to share this with one another. This is why I found HedoN a nice company to finish my studies.

Testimonial of a trainee

Hello my name is Xander Kottelaar, I am 23 years old and was a student at Hogeschool Rotterdam where I studied Electrical Enigineering. Recently I finished my studies succesfully after a graduation project at HedoN Electronic Developments. I worked (together with other trainees) on a project named ‘hydraulic simulator’. The purpose of this project is to use various specific modules and a controller to simulate a hydraulic motor. This “simulator” of a hydraulic motor can be used to test the functionality of the Hydraulic Motor Controller designed by HedoN. My contribution to this project consisted of the design and development of a module that could simulate simultaneously four different quadrature encoders. The velocity and direction of rotation of these encoders can be configured through Ethernet by the controller.

During my project I have learned a lot, not just about software but also about hardware. For example I wrote software for the communication via Ethernet through a broadcast and also designed hardware to generate the quadrature encoding signal. During my graduation project I could always go to my co-workers with any questions. regardless whether the question was related to the project. The HedoN staff are open and work together as a team to lead any project to a good result. I had a very goed time at HedoN and am glad that I could do my graduation project here.

Testimonial of a trainee

My name is Chico Boot and I worked as a trainee at HedoN during 5 months. During my traineeship I designed en developed a pindriver. The pindriver controller is part of a testing system that HedoN is developing. I have been able to take part in the development process from the start to the end. I started by putting together a list of specifications for the pindriver with HedoN and ended up with a working prototype. To take part in the whole development process was very instructive for me. I had a lot of freedom during the development process, this is characteristic for HedoN. There is a lot of knowledge in HedoN and the staff are wiling to help you out. I have been able to learn a lot and enjoyed my traineeship at HedoN

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