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We are HedoN, an innovative, energetic and multidisciplinary company that develops and produces electronics in close collaboration with our customers. HedoN was established in 1979 by three students as a spin-off from the Technical University Delft. Situated in the Delftech Park – in the heart of the top technology region Delft – HedoN has remained close to its roots and surrounded by technical talent. HedoN consists of a solid group of people with a broad range of expertise and experience that have one common goal and passion: to create amazing and distinctive products in collaboration with our customers.

At Hedon, integrity, collaboration and understanding have always been an integral part of our way of working. We strongly believe that creating long-lasting relationships with our customers is the key to mutual success. Combined with our technical knowledge and experience, this gives rise to our mission:

Our mission is to use our passion, knowledge and experience to create intelligent integral solutions in the field of electronics, where quality, robustness and reliability of delivery are the key focus, and to build long-lasting relationships with our customers by doing so.

We have succeeded in doing this time and again. Throughout the years, HedoN has built a loyal customer base for the business market, from small businesses to international listed companies. Our customer retention rate is greater than 95%. As part of our customer relationship, we often co-invest in the costs of the development, combined with a production contract. This way, we provide total care for our customers by offering an integral solution, from idea to final product.

HedoN has extensive knowledge of software, hardware, and mechatronics. Our development team consists of curious engineers with diverse backgrounds and specializations and we combine our knowledge of electronics with mechanics, chemistry and hydraulics. This creates a unique dynamic from which highly innovative ideas and products arise. This has resulted in revolutionary products, prize-winning innovations and patents.

In addition to development, HedoN has vast experience with the production of electronic products as well as the quality management, product lifecycle management, (production) testing and maintenance for these products. Furthermore, training, support, certification, product documentation and system documentation are all included in our services and we have in-depth knowledge on international standards and regulations.

HedoN is a medium size, informal organization with short communication lines and ample room for personal ideas and initiatives. The powerful combination of development and production expertise within our company makes it possible to create very client- and product-specific solutions.

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